Mời các bạn xem qua Chiến lược sáng tạo (Creative Brief), trích từ sách “Khác biệt từ Nghệ thuật quản trị khách hàng”  của WeCreate.

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What’s the assignment?

Develop a DRTV campaign that will generate telephone calls to the Sales and Solution Center from qualified prospects who are: 1) interested in and ready to buy term life insurance; or 2) ready to speak to agents outside the Solutions and Sales Center, given the amount of insurance they require exceeds the company’s $100K policy threshold.

What is the business problem?

The company is successful, with almost 100 percent aided awareness. However, their “house file” customer base is aging and direct mail is a category in decline.

What will solve this?

Create a DTC TV advertising campaign that introduces Term Life Direct (TLD)—a new product for younger consumers— and make consumers reconsider the importance of life insurance, and the relevance of the company.

Whom are we talking to?

There are three core audiences to consider:

1. Dual income parents. They are mid-30s college graduate professional women who are married with a HHI of $75K+, with young children. They are time-starved and busy. They have not saved enough for college or for retirement because these things seem so far away. They put their kids’ needs before their own in all other aspects of their lives.

2. Independent single parents. Early 40s, they are typically single moms who are working and somewhat educated. They may be divorced or just single parents but they are female heads of household who are the cornerstone of their families. They live paycheck to paycheck and are careful about money. They need simplicity in their lives and tend to live in the moment because they worry a lot about the future.
3. Almost empty nester couples. In their early 50s, they married young and started a family immediately, so their kids are going off to the military or college or have left home already. They struggled in the early years but life is becoming a little easier. They have equity in their homes but have not saved enough for retirement. Aware of their mortality for the rst time, they may be starting to suffer from ailments and worry a little about their health in the future.

What do they think of us?

They have heard of the company, and may have some recall of the brand advertising. But they don’t perceive the rm as different or better. Many believe that life insurance is just one of those things that they should have but that they haven’t got- ten round to—like making a will or saving more for college or retirement. The money is for a “just in case” scenario and they have bills to pay now and investments to make for the future—life insurance is a dead end, because they will never get to see a return on the investment anyway.

What do we want them to think?

A life insurance policy is not a dead-end expense. It’s an invest- ment in your family’s future—just like investing in college fees or retirement funds. A TLD policy will give you peace of mind because it helps you invest in the future of those you love in the event that you are no longer there to support them. You put your family before yourself in everything else you do—so keep doing it—get a TLD policy from the company.

What is the single thought that will get them there?

TLD is a simple, affordable way for you to invest in your family’s future—even if you are no longer around.

Why should they believe this?

  • Get $100K coverage for as little as $23.20 a month
  • Get a quote in ve minutes, coverage in three days
  • If you lose your job, we’ll pay your premium for up to sixmonths
  • No medical exam necessary
  • 90 percent of claims are paid within one week

Tone & manner

Level-headed, upbeat, credible, candid, trustworthy Advertising must be consistent with and complementary to the client’s brand advertising campaign.

Media requirements

Three: 60s, to air September 15.

Legal requirements

To come. There will be boilerplate legal language, provided by the company, which will need to appear on screen.

Executional mandatories

• Use the company tagline

Key dates:

Present creative: W/O May 5

Filling: May 19 – June 9

Award job to director: W/O July 14

Prep: July 14 – July 28

Shoot: W/O August 4

Post-production: August 11 – 25

Ship: W/O September 1

On air: Monday, September 15



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